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National Days KBDB 9 & 10 November 2018 - Sint-Truiden

Pictures from the celebration on Friday 9-11-18 

Pictures from the celebration on Saterday 10-11-18

Thanks to our sponsors & exhibitors (film)

Celebration of the general championship and the national champions with the national hymne (film) 

Performance of the Elvis imitator Franz Goovaerts (film)

bb BelgischeReisduif View online the previous episodes of 'The Belgian Racing Pigeon' (only in Dutch)

Link to WPROL Results 

Championship KBDB 2017 - preliminary result

Long distance - very long distance en long middle distance

Sprint - Middle distance - General - Youth - criterium youth                                         



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 WEBSHOP KBDB is online. 


duiventransport 19626 How is was in 1926... 

Freinetschool Hasselt visits a pigeon fancier

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