Gaasbeeksesteenweg 52-54
1500 Halle
1 Belgium


02/537 62 11
02/538 57 21


Miscellaneous Information:

Our office are open to the public every working day from Monday till Friday from 9h till 12h.

Visitors we advise when using a gps system to search on Gaasbeeksesteenweg 42, 1500 Halle  and the search further on the street for number 52-54.

We ask you to not report pigeons via this contact formular.
You can look up the owner of a stray pigeon on our website. Click here to find the owner of a dove
You can sign up stray pigeons on our website. Click here to register a dove. An email is immediately sent to the owner of the pigeon when he has a mail-address


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